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Antonia Lombard

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The main activities being undertaken at the moment are


  1. Promotion and assimilation of non material culture both in its religious and social secular aspects.
  2. It organizes and runs courses on Maa, the language of the Maasai and olMaa, the total body of Maasai culture expressed in language. We have been running courses for a good number of years to the great benefit of those working among several ethnic groups in East Africa who do speak Maa.
  3. It organizes and runs courses on Kale, the language of the Kalenjin.
  4. The centre serves as a resource centre for students wishing to pursue study and write up some aspects of Maasai life. Many of the anthropologists and students of other disciplines, whose doctoral theses now are to be found on the shelves of the center’s Library, have studied here. Their works contain sentiments of gratitude to the availability of the materials stored here.
  5. The centre is a base for further studies into particular aspects of Maasai language and culture.
  6. The centre organizes seminars for:

A).environmental conservations, planting of trees, respect and conservation of wildlife and how the Maasai related to them.

b).Adult and continuing education teachers.

c).Peace, Justice and Reconciliation animators.

D).Dictionary making (How one can make a dictionary of his/her language).

e).Culture and Inculturation for men and women in the rural Parishes.

f).Youth and children on how to read and write correctly in their mother tongue.


Oltepesi Cultural Institute is in Mashuuru District, Kajiado County. It is in the East of Kajiado town, about 70 Kms,from Kajiado town and it is in West of Sultan Hamud, about 40 Kms.

The Institute is surrounded by four sub-sections of the Maasai, namely:

Ilkaputiei,Ildala le Kutuk,Ilmatapato and Iloitokitoki ( other people call them Ilkisonko but in the actual fact,Ilkisonko are in Tanzania).

The Institute as foresaid  is the brain child of Fr.Frans Mol,a Mill Hill Priest who has since retired and went back to Holland.The Institute is still young and can not support itself sufficiently. There are very few accommodation places  for our students or course participants.We still need to put up an underground tank to harvest rain water .but the resources are very scarce. When Fr.Mol left,there were only two small houses renovated but for now Fr. Karl Oberprantacher MHM has assisted in building two staff houses,one classroom,one self contained room,a big Library room,two kitchens,a pantry ,two washrooms for men and women one pit latrine divided for men and women with a bathroom,and  a big dinning hall.

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